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What is the meaning of reemployment in Hindi?

Meaning of reemployment in Hindi is :

Definition of word reemployment

  • The condition of being reemployed (noun)
  • A second or subsequent employment (noun)

Examples of word reemployment

    • Side by side with these unemployed workers for whom the challenge of reemployment is particularly high, however, are, as I said, five million youth who are desperately seeking initial employment.
    • SERWER: Well, these are called reemployment accounts, and let's take a look at them very quickly.
    • Now, I think that the notion of reemployment policies and improved training policies and improved education policies might be over the long haul to see if we could move the unemployment rate down even more.
    • What we need is what my classmate and our Labor Secretary, Bob Reich, calls a reemployment system.
    • "pain relievers," including programs that quickly address early signs of unrest in the population, such as reemployment centres for unemployed workers, migration programmes aimed at lowering regional disparities, and the recent "new countryside movement" to improve infrastructure, health care, and education in rural areas.


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