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What is the meaning of reexamine in Hindi?

Meaning of reexamine in Hindi is :

Definition of word reexamine

  • Alternative spelling of re-examine. (verb)

Examples of word reexamine

  • If an order to reexamine is to be issued, the decision is prepared and signed by the Deputy Assistant Commissioner for Patent Policy and Projects, and the patent file is forwarded to the Reexamination Preprocessing staff for preparation of the reexamination file and Official Gazette notice.
  • On Friday, Mr. Harder said that after the Games, the FIL would "reexamine" information gathered about the accident and determine how to best move forward.
  • You would think at this point they would stop giving him huge movies and give him time to "reexamine" himself as you put it.
  • Senator Kerry adresses McCain's reversal on drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), from opposing it in the Senate in 2004 and 2005 to recent statements that he would "reexamine" the issue.
  • Of course the idea that they might lean on a bunch of G-10's at the BEA to "reexamine" their figures is out of the question!


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