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What is the meaning of refinish in Hindi?

Meaning of refinish in Hindi is :

Definition of word refinish

  • To finish again; especially, to apply a fresh finish, as a new coat of varnish or paint. (verb)

Examples of word refinish

  • I'm also thinking that any kind of refinish would lower the value of the instrument.
  • The average Joe might be using his garage to restore an automobile or perhaps refinish some antique furniture, but if you're a Conan fan extraordinaire like Samuel Encinas Garcia, the Conan the Barbarian movie has inspired you to build your very own Wheel of Pain!
  • Buy it ... rust is good camo ... you can refinish the barrel if you have to as long as the rest is OK.
  • If it still shucks good, then refinish the barrel, or buy a new/used one.
  • I might completely refinish it and give it to some kid who needs a deer rifle.