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What is the meaning of reflagging in Hindi?

Meaning of reflagging in Hindi is :

Definition of word reflagging

  • Present participle of reflag. (verb)

Examples of word reflagging

  • IRISL responded by camouflaging much of its fleet, reflagging and renaming scores of its blacklisted ships.
  • And in March 1987, the Reagan Administration, intent on excluding the Russians, told the Kuwaitis that the United States would take on the whole job of reflagging or nothing at all.
  • He then stole a Russian ship, and reflagging it as a vessel of the Polish Confederacy, sailed through the Northern Pacific, traveling by way of the Aleutians, Alaska, Japan, and Taiwan, where, he recorded, he became King of Formosa.
  • So, one of the things we could do is start reflagging a lot of these vessels with an American flag, which would give us jurisdiction over those pirates.
  • Many ship owners are considering reflagging their vessels in nearby countries, such as the U.K. and Denmark.


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