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What is the meaning of refusal in Hindi?

Meaning of refusal in Hindi is : मनाही

Definition of word refusal

  • The act of refusing. (noun)
  • Depth or point at which well or borehole drilling cannot continue. (noun)

Examples of word refusal

    • For Israelis, that refusal translates as a denial of any Jewish connection to the land, which in turn means that the conflict is still open.
    • Fox has repeatedly said that she loves comics, so I wouldn't assume her refusal is automatic.
    • Mpofu expressed concern over what he labelled the refusal of other media to give the SABC credit for anything.
    • Prosecutors are severely critical of his leaving the ship before the evacuation was complete, which they describe as a "refusal to do his duty."
    • If this refusal is the result of an offended sensibility, you cannot exert yourself too warmly in its consolation; even if it is from pride, it has a just claim to your concessions, since she thinks you have injured it; yet pause before you act, may it not be merely from a confidence of power that loves to tyrannize over its slaves, by playing with their chains? or a lurking spirit of coquetry, that desires to regain the liberty of trifling with some new Sir Sedley Clarendel? or, perhaps, with Sir Sedley himself? '


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