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What is the meaning of regard in Hindi?

Meaning of regard in Hindi is : सोचना

Definition of word regard

Examples of word regard

  • True, it is incredible that men should treat as _chattels_ those whom they truly regard as _human beings; _ but that they should treat as chattels and working animals those whom they _regard_ as such, is no marvel.
  • '_From that placid aspect and meek regard, _' on the ground that; '_meek regard_ conveys no new idea to _placid aspect_.'
  • My “pet hate” current dossier in this regard is the soil directive.
  • One major reason why we are so different than countries like France and Germany in this regard is the overwhelming and determinative role big corporate money plays in our political process and policies.
  • All we have ever been asked for by local authorities in this regard is the last 3 bank statements showing income.


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