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What is the meaning of regardful in Hindi?

Meaning of regardful in Hindi is : सावधान

Definition of word regardful

  • Respectful. (adjective)
  • Watchful, observant. (adjective)

Examples of word regardful

    • And I submit that you, like me, need to start being “regardful” of the cost – to YOURSELF, not just the cost to others (which seems to be in the currency of disappointment, most times).
    • Roumiyah, a Greek girl, by name Sofiyah or Sophia,145 whom the King of Roum and Lord of Cæsarea had sent to King Omar as a present, together with great store of gifts and of rarities: she was the fairest of favour and loveliest of all his handmaids and the most regardful of her honour; and she was gifted with a wit as penetrating as her presence was fascinating.
    • He watched several gulls veering near and saw a hundred other, gulls positioned on a slope, all facing the same way, motionless, regardful, joined in consciousness, in beautiful empty birdness, waiting for the signal to fly.
    • Mr. Crisparkle at such times, regardful of the slumbers of the china shepherdess.
    • She was so devoted, she had such a quick perception of what it would be well to say, and what it would be well to leave unsaid; she was so forgetful of herself, and so regardful of the sorrow about her, that I held her in a sort of veneration.


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