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What is the meaning of regional in Hindi?

Meaning of regional in Hindi is : स‌ंभागीय

Definition of word regional

Examples of word regional

  • Nominations from Branch General Meetings (Ward and PR) shall be grouped according to locals, districts and Metros and forwarded to the regional list conference by the Regional list Committee.
  • The transformation of regional authorities into new provincial structures could not be postponed any longer and the sooner preparations were made the better for all, Minister of Regional and
  • In addition, he has overseen projects involving regional/downtown transportation planning, traffic engineering design and parking feasibility and design throughout the northeast for DOTs, Authorities, Regional
  • Controversy about water monitoring around the developments in northern Alberta has intensified in recent months after a renowned water ecologist said his studies showed regional pollution was not naturally occurring, as the industry and government-supported Regional
  • The author proposes the term Regional Cubism for Cubist hybridization east of Paris and stresses international aspects of Cubist regionalism.


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