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What is the meaning of rehearse in Hindi?

Meaning of rehearse in Hindi is : सबके सामने पढ़ना

Definition of word rehearse

  • To repeat, as what has been already said; to tell over again; to recite. (verb)
  • To narrate; to relate; to tell. (verb)
  • To practice by recitation or repetition in private for experiment and improvement, prior to a public representation; as, to rehearse a tragedy. (verb)
  • To cause to rehearse; to instruct by rehearsal. (verb)

Examples of word rehearse

  • That would suggest she needs time to 'rehearse' her policies or beliefs?
  • She's a hot gangly mess, twirling pompons and posing for Tareq before she heads off to "rehearse" for her half-time "performance" with the Washington Redskins alumni cheerleaders.
  • The article focuses on imagery-rehearsal therapy, a technique where nightmare sufferers imagine how they would re-script a frightening dream, then "rehearse" it several times during the day and just before going to sleep at night.
  • They were so shy, and yet eager to know and "rehearse" what to do if they were in trouble.
  • They also have their own personal private trailers to retreat to together to "rehearse" and they stay in luxurious suites at hotels with their own security teams to keep them safe from prying eyes.


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