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What is the meaning of rehired in Hindi?

Meaning of rehired in Hindi is :

Definition of word rehired

  • Present participle of rehire. (verb)

Examples of word rehired

  • I still think that District 150 administration is top-heavy (and heavy on consultants, aka rehired retirees) and that cuts should start there.
  • So, he was "rehired" even as he retained his severance.
  • Apparently, when a temporary census worker's term is up, they are "rehired" and then counted
  • Olive: Your statement was that you would rather have the police rehired which is an apples to oranges statement to ... anp: I agree with everything that Karrie Alms said other than I would probably wait to put the Sears Block on the ...
  • "There will be no other opportunity to be 'rehired' at the university for 10 years," Ms. Cartwright wrote in the letter.
  • Decent people will retire and be "rehired" as consultants.