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What is the meaning of reintroduction in Hindi?

Meaning of reintroduction in Hindi is : पुनः प्रस्तुति

Definition of word reintroduction

  • the act of introducing something again, especially the release of animals from captivity into the wild (noun)

Examples of word reintroduction

  • Your implication that the population of wolves would rapidly expand after reintroduction is entirely correct.
  • PS: I agree with Jim, and many others, that the wolf reintroduction is not working now.
  • A similar scheme for its reintroduction is under way on Scotland’s Eastern Coast according to this report (here) from The Scotsman and appears to be going well.
  • Chris Hughton's side then host Aston Villa in a big-name reintroduction to the top flight, before two less glamorous fixtures against Wolves and Blackpool in the following two games.
  • Prospect Park officials have done a good job scaring birds away with mass murder and proposed population control by way of prehistoric species reintroduction, which is fine because some migratory bird enthusiasts from North Carolina built birdhouses (pictured) on the banks of the Gowanus.


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