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What is the meaning of reject in Hindi?

Meaning of reject in Hindi is : रद्द करना

Definition of word reject

  • to refuse to accept (verb)
  • Something that is rejected. (noun)

Examples of word reject

    • In my humble opinion the reject is a better comic but maybe it does not get the point across as well.
    • What a lot of people will reject is any proposal that they think includes anything that smacks of an “amnesty” or a reward to people who have broken the law because they assume – based on experience with the 1986 law – that it will just encourage even more people to break the law in anticipation of another amnesty.
    • I am willing to wager finding 50 votes to reject is doable. (you have to count Biden) However finding that 51st is going to be monumental.
    • The big thing you reject is that, in the place in question, the Palestinians were there in the first place.
    • Republicans once again reject their own ideas in their efforts to screw over Obama.
    • Sure, he looks like an reject from the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory but nerds are so in right now.
    • But what I reject is when some folks are on the sidelines and root for failure on health care ... or they root for failure on getting the Olympics.
    • As for Plugged In Online, the only comment I reject, that I think all three of us here would reject, is the casual statement that Christians '"better judgment" would "normally push vampire flicks out of bounds."