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What is the meaning of relate in Hindi?

Meaning of relate in Hindi is : हमदर्दी प्रकट करना

Definition of word relate

  • To tell in a descriptive way. (verb)
  • To give an association. (verb)
  • To make a connection from sth to sth (e.g. to relate this to that). (verb)
  • To have a connection. (verb)
  • To interact. (verb)
  • To respond through reaction. (verb)
  • To identify with, understand. (verb)

Examples of word relate

  • Additionally, the three instances of the title relate conceptually to the three-story structure of the novel.
  • How does the title relate to the rest of the text?
  • How does the title relate to the thought of Bataille?
  • In addition to about 3 weeks of indifference on Mubarak's part, he and his VP have been provoking people with the manner of delivering speeches and even the choice of words: "Road map?" how does this term relate to the Egyptian demands, it is merely used as a misleading political cliché used before by Israel and Jordan.
  • As if in relate of a king's barbarous thoughts, Oswald right widely separated appears lusting for a red red blood of bad Gloucester, a attempted attempted attempted attempted murder which would win a menial reward from Goneril.


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