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What is the meaning of related in Hindi?

Meaning of related in Hindi is : सम्बन्धी

Definition of word related

  • Standing in relation or connection. (adjective)
  • Being a relative of. (adjective)
  • Narrated; told. (adjective)
  • Same as the adjective relative. (adjective)
  • Fulfilling a relation. (adjective)
  • Having a relationship with the thing named (adjective)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of relate. (verb)

Examples of word related

  • “Alexstrasza…” The high priestess stirred at the thought of another name related to the Aspect, that of a second valued ally.
  • Is the title related to Poe's "The Porloined Letter" which is one of the first mysteries?
  • I wonder if the atom hence the title related to nuclear physics feed for this site is set up?
  • Evidence, a word related to the Latin videre, means “to see”; in our postreligious, postmythical world, evidence becomes the way to “see” truth.
  • Volume One as opposed to your colloquial use of the term related to SOAP.


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