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What is the meaning of relaxation in Hindi?

Meaning of relaxation in Hindi is : शिथिलन

Definition of word relaxation

  • The act of relaxing or the state of being relaxed; the opposite of stress or tension; the aim of recreation and leisure activities. (noun)
  • A diminution of tone, tension, or firmness; specifically in pathology: a looseness; a diminution of the natural and healthy tone of parts. (noun)
  • Remission or abatement of rigor. (noun)
  • Remission of attention or application. (noun)
  • Unbending; recreation; a state or occupation intended to give mental or bodily relief after effort. (noun)
  • The transition of an atom or molecule from a higher energy level to a lower one. (noun)
  • The release following musical tension. (noun)

Examples of word relaxation

  • Fascinated by the striking physiologic changes he noted—a decrease in heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, and metabolic rate—he coined the term relaxation response to describe the phenomenon.9 Today, studies continue to replicate these early findings.10
  • In 1996, RSF published a report entitled Libya: "We can criticize Allah but not Gaddafi" in which it referred to a "relaxation" of restrictions on the media, but noted that journalists critical of the regime spoke to its representatives in hushed tones for fear of reprisals.
  • Dr. Benson began to study the physiological effects of meditation, which he called the relaxation response.
  • I have no talent when it comes to things like drawing or creating visual images, but I have found a certain relaxation in designing websites.
  • His relaxation is getting gently boiled in various hot springs around the Kansai area, and the story also serves as a pointer to his rather useful Kansai Onsen Guide.


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