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What is the meaning of relevant in Hindi?

Meaning of relevant in Hindi is : स‌ंगत

Definition of word relevant

Examples of word relevant

  • Fumbling Opportunities To Be Relevant is the next entry in this blog.
  • (A quick sidebar: Relevant is quickly becoming my favorite mag.
  • If you’re perusing the UK gossip pages, and there happens to be some breaking news about 62-year-old Rod “Captain Relevant” Stewart, which of the following headlines is going to actually grab your attention?
  • The priest was the subject of recent controversy when his prelate, Archbishop Harry J. Flynn left, ordered him to stop broadcasting over a Catholic radio network called Relevant Radio based largely in the upper Midwest and to cease activity on a website that propagated his homilies -- many of which were staunch conservative ones and some of which were critical of bishops and especially what he sees as rampant homosexuality in the priesthood, including the St. Paul-Minnesota archdiocese.
  • The question of Making College 'Relevant' was discussed in the NY Times today.