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What is the meaning of reliably in Hindi?

Meaning of reliably in Hindi is : विश्वास से

Definition of word reliably

  • In a reliable manner. (adverb)

Examples of word reliably

  • I'm as little "in the know" about publishing practices as the Saloon confesses itself to be, except that I do know what mainstream publishing actually makes available to readers, and what it does offer, what it pines to offer even more reliably, is for the most part utter, 100% pure, laboratory-tested garbage.
  • Having the ability of making a rocket craft that can take off and land where you want autonomously and reliably is pretty awesome.
  • Dante Chinni, a correspondent for Patchwork Nation, told CNN that they have determined most of the Tea Party activists reside in reliably Republican districts, rural or agricultural areas, wealthy suburbs and what they call "military bastions" located near U.S. military bases.
  • So, as you can see, pulling those numbers reliably is a feat.
  • To prepare Fido to recall reliably off leash, practice all of the earlier exercises on a long leash until "coming" when called even with tempting distractions become his habit.
  • First of all, I am loving the phrase reliably optimistic.
  • And as the vast majority of oncologists will affirm, it is devilishly difficult -- if not impossible by definition -- to pin down that designation reliably in a prospective fashion.
  • A few nagging issues persist; the information that is put in the notes field of such online library catalog references doesn't appear to transfer, or at least not reliably, which is a problem since this is where original publication data of reprints and translated works usually resides.