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What is the meaning of relinquish in Hindi?

Meaning of relinquish in Hindi is : हाथ उठा लेना

Definition of word relinquish

  • To give up, abandon or retire from something. (verb)
  • To let go (free, away), physically release. (verb)
  • To metaphorically surrender, yield control or possession. (verb)
  • To accept to give up, withdraw etc. (verb)

Examples of word relinquish

  • As the plane makes its final approach into Chicago, I think of the word relinquish.
  • No circumstances of the Norman Conquest more forcibly illustrate the humiliation of the conquered people, than the measures by which the invaders imposed their language on the public courts of the country, and endeavored to make it permanently usurp the place of the mother-tongue of the despised multitude; and no fact more signally displays our conservative temper than the general reluctance of English society to relinquish the use of the French words and phrases which still tincture the language of parliament, and the procedures of Westminster Hall, recalling to our minds the insolent domination of a few powerful families who occupied our country by force, and ruled our forefathers with vigorous injustice.
  • China has no claim to Taiwan, so it is not being asked to "relinquish" anything, nor is what is happening "reunification."
  • But following the Prakash Singh Badal and Karunanidhi model where aging leaders are preparing to "relinquish" power to their sons, a Rahul Gandhi coronation in the middle of UPA government's next term seems likely.
  • The term "relinquish" has negative connotations: it means giving up something that may not have been properly yours.


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