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What is the meaning of relinquishment in Hindi?

Meaning of relinquishment in Hindi is : स्वत्

Definition of word relinquishment

  • The act of relinquishing something. (noun)

Examples of word relinquishment

  • Joy advocates a policy of "relinquishment" -- a self-denying ordinance by which nations, commercial organizations and scientists would agree that certain technological advances were simply too dangerous to be worth pursuing.
  • In the mail I received a signed relinquishment for the land from the young man, withdrew the contest and sold the relinquishment, which is the filer's claim to the land, for $450.
  • A wary Hamilton thought he'd better break off the affair, but Maria's "appearances of violent attachment, and of agonizing distress at the idea of relinquishment" played on his "sensibility, perhaps my vanity," so he planned "a gradual discontinuance ... as least calculated to give pain, in case a real partiality existed" - meaning he couldn't keep away from her.
  • Similarly, Martin Narey's call for a return to 1970s figures for baby adoptions suggests lack of awareness of the difference between contemporary adoption from care and historic "relinquishment" of illegitimate children.
  • She goes on to describe devotion and faith as the relinquishment of expectation.


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