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What is the meaning of relive in Hindi?

Meaning of relive in Hindi is : फिर से जीना

Definition of word relive

  • To come back to life. (verb)

Examples of word relive

  • Almost 15 years later, I wondered what it was going to feel like to 'relive' that surreal experience and just hoped that the film stayed true to the events and avoided the Hollywood schmaltz that often sensationalizes historical matters.
  • And part of the problem, when you ask about Chris, you know, the specific incident and things like that, you know, the law was originally designed -- and still is -- that the complaining witness or the victim is not supposed to be identified and precisely so that there won't be these questions -- so they don't have to kind of relive it.
  • You can kind of relive your own first sales through them.
  • Who wants to kind of relive those days in your memory?
  • S. O'BRIEN: All victory for everybody really, because at the end of the day the show did so well and ABC gets to kind of relive it and anybody who was even slightly interested will watch.


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