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What is the meaning of reluctance in Hindi?

Meaning of reluctance in Hindi is : हिचक

Definition of word reluctance

  • Unwillingness to do something. (noun)
  • Hesitancy in taking some action. (noun)
  • That property of a magnetic circuit analogous to resistance in an electric circuit. (noun)

Examples of word reluctance

  • A year ago Levin was critical of what he called the reluctance of the Obama administration to take on Wall Street, saying: "Some of the people around the president needed to be given a push."
  • Gail, 44, sounds as frustrated with Paul's failure to build his business as she is with what she describes as his reluctance to run the house.
  • The main reason for this reluctance is the threat of litigation for defamation.
  • Singh also charged Pakistan with "whipping up war hysteria," and criticized what he called their reluctance to crack down on militants operating on their territory.
  • Usually this kind of reluctance is a sign of having screwed up, but if I have I don't know what the hell to * fix*.


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