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What is the meaning of remember in Hindi?

Meaning of remember in Hindi is : य़ाद रखना

Definition of word remember

Examples of word remember

  • Remember the purposes of the founders, —Remember Washington; 5
  • Remember, there is no state law that requires stores to give a refund, exchange, or credit for merchandise that is returned or taken off layaway (unless the store advertises that it accepts such returns, or unless an article is defective or was misrepresented.) ·Remember, Kansas's three-day-right-to-cancel law only applies to door-to-door sales, or sales made away from a seller's usual place of business.
  • Artifacts on display related to the Texas revolution will include the "Come and Take It" cannon, which prompted the 1835 battle, the first in the war for independence; Bowie's knife found at the Alamo; an original printed broadside of Travis' plea from the Alamo; a flag that flew over the Battle of San Jacinto; and Sam Houston's report on the battle, which includes the phrase "Remember the Alamo" dated April 25, 1836.
  • Remember from the play West Side Story: "I just met a girl named Maria"?
  • Remember is a new color graphic novel from Benjamin, who did Orange for them.


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