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What is the meaning of remember in Hindi?

Meaning of remember in Hindi is : य़ाद रखना

Definition of word remember

  • To recall from one's memory; to have an image in one's memory. (verb)
  • To memorize; to put something into memory. (verb)
  • To not forget (to do something required) (verb)
  • To convey greetings. (verb)
  • To put in mind; to remind (also used reflexively) (verb)
  • To engage in the process of recalling memories. (verb)

Examples of word remember

  • I am the voice of a little girl clutching her expensive beaded purse. and applying glossy chardonnay lipstick over and over because I like the hypnotically soothing way it feels, a rhythym of comfort. a smooth frost over curved hills and I like feeling. trying to remember the sensations I once loved. in the midst of sleep, swimming in the silk fabric of luxurious bedding, sometimes I am startled by the accidental touch of my own hand, brushing against the dipped hollow of my alabaster back, and the softness makes me inhale sharply ~because I remember~ because, I still remember your breath warming my dreams.
  • And I think one of the most important things we need to remember is to be true to ourselves.
  • Thing to remember is to clean and oil them before you put them up, BP is the nastiest stuff around and if you wait till next year you will have the same problem again.
  • One other thing to remember is to keep your bow hand relaxed at the grip.
  • The most important thing to remember is to start slow and make sure he is haveing fun when your making noises.


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