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What is the meaning of remorse in Hindi?

Meaning of remorse in Hindi is : मनोव्यथा

Definition of word remorse

Examples of word remorse

  • II. i.19 (25,6) Remorse from power] [_Remorse_, for mercy.
  • "The strange, fang'd monster that they call Remorse
  • But by this time they had come to a long and steep hill called Remorse up which all pilgrims walked.
  • Remorse, which is not the same thing as repentance, serves no purpose that I have ever been able to discover.
  • This doubtless was only the fancy of an invalid: but what of that undying serpent called Remorse, which coils itself about the heart of the murderer and holds it for ever in a deadly grip -- never to beat freely again, never to know a painless throb, or feel a sweet emotion?


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