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What is the meaning of renounce in Hindi?

Meaning of renounce in Hindi is : स्वत्व त्याग की घोषणा

Definition of word renounce

Examples of word renounce

  • OpEdNews - Quicklink: Limbaugh: Obama Should 'Renounce' His Race And Just '˜Become White'
  • Limbaugh: Obama Should 'Renounce' His Race And Just '˜Become White'
  • "Renounce all political parties, the masquerade of elections, the poisoned and deceitful propaganda, and turn over to a few select military men the task of putting an end to political anarchy," wrote the paper.
  • Renounce FreeMasonry and other secret organisations that subvert and improperly influence the just actions of men.
  • Here's my proposed starting point for such a manifesto, based on my ten-plus years working in and with big business and the experience of other Corporate Idealists I've gotten to know over the years: 1. Renounce the carbon offset model.


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