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What is the meaning of repeal in Hindi?

Meaning of repeal in Hindi is : विखण्डन करना

Definition of word repeal

  • To cancel, invalidate, annul. (verb)
  • An act or instance of repealing. (noun)

Examples of word repeal

    • His Shibboleth was, that the disgrace of the State must be wiped out by the repeal of the Yazoo Act; and _repeal_ rang from every mouth, from Savannah to the mountains.
    • Public opinion polls have been all over place as to whether or not repeal is a fringe sentiment or if it is a majority or somewhere in between.
    • The reason why the other Republicans are against total repeal is because they realize that taking away the new benefits under the law would result in a backlash.
    • The Republicans understand that a partial repeal is less likely to stir up voters.
    • They can pledge to repeal the act but the actual repeal is highly unlikely.


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