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What is the meaning of repetition in Hindi?

Meaning of repetition in Hindi is : पुनर्कथन

Definition of word repetition

  • The act or an instance of repeating or being repeated. (noun)

Examples of word repetition

  • * @param integer $repetition The repetition number to set,
  • A good example: Bruce Anderson, the 70-year-old owner and editor of the Anderson Valley Advertiser the name repetition is just a coincidence, routinely takes on the powers that be in Northern California's pot-growing paradise of Mendocino County, and he does so with pitbull tenacity, exposing official abuse and garden-variety idiocy with equal relish.
  • In Difference & Repetition in particular, Deleuze's sense of the term repetition is a product of his reading of Friedrich Nietzsche's eternal return in Thus Spoke Zarathustra.
  • PHAEDRUS: Nonsense, Socrates; what you call repetition was the especial merit of the speech; for he omitted no topic of which the subject rightly allowed, and I do not think that any one could have spoken better or more exhaustively.
  • Then the lovers met, and the old Queen acquainted the two Princesses with all that had passed between Sayf al-Muluk and the Blue King and how the Prince had been nearhand to a captive’s death; but in repetition is no fruition.
  • Word repetition is something I think most writers try to excise from their writing.
  • Even if your child may not be verbalizing the new language right away, remember that repetition is the key to learning.
  • Exact repetition is part of every religion, every doctrine, the Pledge of Allegiance, every ritual.