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What is the meaning of reply in Hindi?

Meaning of reply in Hindi is : बदले मे कुछ करना

Definition of word reply

  • To give a written or spoken response, especially to a question, request, accusation or criticism; to answer. (verb)
  • To act or gesture in response. (verb)
  • To repeat something back; to echo. (verb)
  • A written or spoken response; part of a conversation. (noun)
  • Something given in reply. (noun)

Examples of word reply

  • The easiest way to reply to a tweet is to hit the @reply icon which broadcasts your answer to all your followers, essentially Twitter's equivalent of the "reply all" email function.
  • An @reply for facebook is rendered useless by the fact that you can already comment on status updates. reply
  • This will automatically fill in the @reply, which you can then follow with your reply message, and then hit the "tweet" button.
  • When i receive an @reply, i never know what tweet the reply is referring to.
  • If you see your name on your feed, reply (using @reply) within 15 minutes to collect your pair.


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