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What is the meaning of represent in Hindi?

Meaning of represent in Hindi is : स्वांग बनाना

Definition of word represent

Examples of word represent

  • In the meantime, soccer fan Rivers Cuomo and his Weezer bandmates have recorded "Represent," an unofficial theme song for the squad, and it indeed kicks ass.
  • Andrei Scheinkman envisions a way to let his "Represent" project track not just office holders but also candidates vying for office.
  • With the Times '"Represent" feature, you can track New York state and congressional officials by such things as their floor appearances and their Twitter comments.
  • In chapter 3, "When Jailhouse Lawyers 'Represent'", Abu-Jamal offers stirring accounts of winning legal self-defenses mounted by the accused that have never been told before.
  • NO Electoral College or anything of the kind involved to (mis -) "Represent" the people!


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