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What is the meaning of representability in Hindi?

Meaning of representability in Hindi is :

Definition of word representability

  • The quality of being representable. (noun)

Examples of word representability

  • Ferris's essay, since the "failure" he notes here seems to be the opposite of the aesthetic's "failure" to conceal its violence that he was discussing earlier: here the law cannot come to representation, whereas earlier, the violence of the aesthetic had to come to representation (or more precisely, to recognition; but even the recognition of a non-representation demands a certain manifestation of this non-representability).
  • Thus Peano, like Church but unlike Wittgenstein, saw that the definition of the numbers as iterators gives for free the representability of a number of functions obtained by iteration.
  • Essentially parallel to the Łukasiewicz approach, the American mathematician Post (1921) introduced the basic idea of additional truth degrees, and applied it to problems of the representability of functions.
  • Tait, in contrast to Parsons, rejects the aspect of representability in intuition as the hallmark of the finitary; instead he takes finitary reasoning to be “a minimal kind of reasoning supposed by all non-trivial mathematical reasoning about numbers” and analyzes finitary operations and methods of proof as those that are implicit in the very notion of number as the form of a finite sequence.
  • In addition to the opportunity which this project created for the fast tracking of 100 prosecutors, with the objective if improving the level of experience of prosecutors, it also created an opportunity for the Department to promote representability in respect of prosecutors.


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