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What is the meaning of representable in Hindi?

Meaning of representable in Hindi is : वर्णन करने योग्य

Definition of word representable

  • Capable of being represented. (adjective)

Examples of word representable

  • In representing an object to himself, in giving a form and a continuing existence to it, he dominates it .... as soon as he crosses these limits, as soon as the object is no longer representable, that is, as soon as man ventures beyond the limits of representation, he feels lost and prey to the terrors of the objective world.
  • "the Idea is not yet the concept of an object which submits the world to the requirements of representation, but rather a brute presence which can be invoked in the world only in the function of that which is not 'representable' in things" (59).
  • The far future of our universe is therefore representable by de Sitter space-time, and in this type of space-time the future timelike boundary is a spacelike hypersurface.
  • I think that it is more important to tell a plausible story than to tell a mathematically representable story.
  • I wish the Egyptian people a government representable of the people.


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