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What is the meaning of repugnant in Hindi?

Meaning of repugnant in Hindi is : विरुद्ध

Definition of word repugnant

Examples of word repugnant

  • Every Repugnant is trying to spin this as something good for the country, when in actuality it is you breaking yet another promise and going for the greed.
  • Only in Repugnant world gould a shooting war, where innocents are being targeted, be “better” than harbored resentment.
  • If we're making Christmas references here, like Huckleberry, maybe we should label the Repugnant Party as the Ebenezer Scrooge Party.
  • George Flint, Nevada Brothel Lobbyist, Says Male Prostitution 'Repugnant'
  • It seems pretty clear that only the right wing extremists in the Repugnant Party want Rubio.


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