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What is the meaning of request in Hindi?

Meaning of request in Hindi is : विनय करना

Definition of word request

Examples of word request

  • Uncertain of their positions within the hierarchy of the ARPANET project, the students issued notes on their protocols under the title "Request for Comments" RFC.
  • Steve Crocker, a graduate student who had received his bachelor's degree at UCLA only a year before, used the title Request for Comments to make the invitation to participate as open as possible, and to minimize any claim to authority that working on so crucial an aspect of the network as its protocols might imply.
  • Request is the best of the lot, mainly because Kim and Yang are able generate a good deal of sympathy for their protagonist, although not enough to make her fell more like an individual and less like a stereotype.
  • “Request is acceptable,” blurted out the viewing table, the change in tone shaking Will alert.
  • Ares V Draft Proposal Request is the next entry in this blog.


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