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What is the meaning of request in Hindi?

Meaning of request in Hindi is : विनय करना

Definition of word request

  • Act of requesting. (noun)
  • Formal message requesting something. (noun)
  • Condition of being sought after. (noun)
  • to express the need or desire for (verb)
  • to ask somebody to do something (verb)

Examples of word request

  • Earlier I had made a request about trauma related statistics, she then cited statistics on them as a “refutation” to my _request_.
  • +I give thanks to my God+ (He is mine, as I am His) +over my whole memory of you; always in each request of mine on behalf of you all forming and expressing+ (_poioumenos_ [2]) +that+ (_tên_) +request with joy+;
  • My main request is that you remain cautious about engaging in speculation, rumor, or hearsay accounts of the case.
  • Walsh says what matters more than the request is the response.
  • But I think if you actually say you are going to comply with a request, you should do it whether or not the request is actually enforced.


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