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What is the meaning of required in Hindi?

Meaning of required in Hindi is : जरुरत

Definition of word required

  • Simple past tense and past participle of require. (verb)

Examples of word required

  • The cross-referenced section 5000A(e)(1)(B) defines the term "required contribution" for this purpose as "the portion of the annual premium which would be paid by the individual… for self-only coverage."
  • 'Lactation' was the title required a heightened level of perception to come to terms with.
  • But their later mode of development, the degree of perfection acquired by the egg and germ before being laid, the term required for the germ to come to maturity, as well as the frequency and regularity of the broods, are all features varying with the different kinds of animals.
  • Nor was the suspension of the prohibitory ordinance to continue a day longer than the term required by the monarch to decide whether he preferred to modify its provisions or leave them unchanged.
  • The term required to be divided is known as the Totum Divisum or Divided Whole.
  • In Paris, five years is the term required in a great number; but before any person can be qualified to exercise the trade as a master, he must, in many of them, serve five years more as a journeyman.
  • The American party proposed to extend the term required for naturalization and to bar the foreigners from holding office.
  • A school master whose occupation had been suspended for twelve or eighteen months, within the term required for his previous pursuit of the business, is not entitled to an exemption under the act of Congress, passed on the
  • Once the file is cracked, it produces a code which is the keyword required by the very first page of the challenge.