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What is the meaning of rescind in Hindi?

Meaning of rescind in Hindi is : विखंडित करना

Definition of word rescind

  • To repeal, annul, or declare void; to take (something such as a rule or contract) out of effect. (verb)

Examples of word rescind

  • In each instance, the executive order should by its terms rescind any conflicting previous order - none of which have been made public and remain secret to this day.
  • I think the word of the morning is "rescind"--I just heard it on a fund drive for an NPR radio station.
  • Now, if you went to Notre Dame instead, you wouldn't even have an offer to rescind, which is the new killing it. guest, Apr 17, 2009 7: 13PM
  • The request came after a lawyer for one-time Fujitsu president Kuniaki Nozoe said he wanted to "rescind" his September resignation, and requested that Fujitsu convene a board meeting to discuss with him the circumstances of his departure At the time, the company said Mr. Nozoe was stepping down for health reasons.
  • But earlier this year, he asked the company to "rescind" his resignation, saying that he was perfectly healthy, and instead was forced out of the company on false allegations that he had done business with an individual with possible gangster ties.


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