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What is the meaning of resignation in Hindi?

Meaning of resignation in Hindi is : स्वेच्छा

Definition of word resignation

  • the act of resigning (noun)
  • a written or oral declaration that one resigns (noun)
  • state of uncomplaining, utter frustration (noun)

Examples of word resignation

  • The firm's news release was uncommonly blunt: "Mr. DuGan said that his resignation is a based on a disagreement with respect to the degree of authority and control of the chairman and a disagreement with the chairman on strategic direction."
  • The implication that her resignation is a '+' - not really true.
  • As Howard Dean shared on Sunday "his resignation is a loss to the Country"
  • But this resignation is a form of complacency that we simply cannot afford.
  • Instead, his deputy read out a televised statement in which he avoided the word "resignation" and said Mubarak was "handing power" to the Supreme Military Council, a group of army generals who have ruled Egypt since February 11.


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