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What is the meaning of resinous in Hindi?

Meaning of resinous in Hindi is : रेज़िनी

Definition of word resinous

  • Of, or pertaining to, resin. (adjective)
  • negative (of electric charge) (adjective)

Examples of word resinous

  • Under the obstruction-which I took to be some kind of resinous lubricant-I detected the gleam of contacts.
  • Besides, I hoped that in this walk we should meet with some kind of resinous tree, the branches of which might serve as torches.
  • The young woman waiting for me that morning—older than those who usually came to our door seeking entry into Carmel—was instead staring up at the suffering Christ, apparently absorbing every detail of the deep, dark gashes and dripping blood vividly rendered with resinous, glossy paint.
  • On me: Thick dark resinous spice - with a hint of plastic that teases and disappears, hopefully for good.
  • Fragments of dead trees were gathered, made into a kiln covered with earth, and subjected to a slow fire which forced out the resinous matter.


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