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What is the meaning of resistance in Hindi?

Meaning of resistance in Hindi is : सहिष्णुता

Definition of word resistance

  • The act of resisting, or the capacity to resist. (noun)
  • A force that tends to oppose motion. (noun)
  • Shortened form of electrical resistance. (noun)
  • An underground organization engaged in a struggle for liberation from forceful occupation. (noun)

Examples of word resistance

  • The OHM, as a unit of measurement, equals a unit of _resistance_ that is equivalent to the resistance of a hundred feet of copper wire the size of a pin.
  • In this case the difference in resistance is huge and the current through any human will be negligent.
  • It is all of that, because, again, when the population all of a sudden shifts from either tacitly accepting or maybe even actively supporting Al Qaeda and seeing them cloaked in the term resistance, and then seeing them for what they are, which is the purveyors of extremist ideology, indiscriminate violence and even oppressive practices.
  • PAS, the chemotherapeutic remedy detected by the Swedish biochemist Lehmann, the development of streptomycin resistance is delayed.
  • The reference to resistance is code for Hamas and Hizbullah to prepare to get active again.


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