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What is the meaning of respectable in Hindi?

Meaning of respectable in Hindi is : सम्माननीय

Definition of word respectable

  • deserving respect (adjective)
  • decent; satisfactory (adjective)

Examples of word respectable

    • Duke of Argyle's 'respectable guest,' and _post_, under Sept. 5, 1780, writes of 'the _respectable_ notion which should ever be entertained of my illustrious friend.'
    • I think, therefore, that whilst others have been for some time already formed in the neighborhood, your use of the term respectable was, to say the least of it, unhandsome.
    • Here, to the number of six hundred, was assembled all of the democracy of Mobile having a claim to the term respectable, properly applied to habit and character, not to calling or wealth.
    • Parisian songs of Vade and Collard, — pretty songs they were too; and would make such of his hearers as understood French burst with laughing, and, I promise you, scandalise some of the old dowagers who were admitted into the society of his mamma: not that there were many of them; for I did not encourage the visits of what you call respectable people to Lady Lyndon.
    • Well, it's not what I call respectable to have your children in and out of gaol.


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