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What is the meaning of respectful in Hindi?

Meaning of respectful in Hindi is : सम्मान पूर्ण

Definition of word respectful

  • Marked or characterized by respect; as, respectful deportment. (adjective)

Examples of word respectful

  • To this is added a severe rebuke of those who, by what they term respectful silence, pretend to obey the Apostolic
  • DANA BASH, CNN CONGRESSIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, you remember, Wolf, right after John McCain effectively clinched the Republican nomination, he said that he wanted all Republicans to run what he calls a respectful campaign.
  • But Lou it really is a fine line for McCain because he has set the bar so high for himself when it comes to running what he called a respectful campaign -- Lou.
  • The Republic Party is organizing what it calls a respectful opposition rally.
  • On the day Obama visits, the party is organizing what it calls a respectful opposition rally in Austin.


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