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What is the meaning of respectfully in Hindi?

Meaning of respectfully in Hindi is : सादर

Definition of word respectfully

  • In a respectful manner. (adverb)

Examples of word respectfully

  • Taking established nerd / geekdom as an example (and one which I can safely lay some claim to), your average nerd (And please note I use the term respectfully, I'm not intentionally belittling anyone with the word) is going to be more comfortable with other, similar nerds.
  • And, again, I say, and I use this term respectfully, it was by default, because Anna Nicole really truly was a very lonely, deep inside, a very lonely woman.
  • I will again respectfully disagree, as Hal Jordan is a DC character and Deadpool is a Marvel character.
  • (I stayed out of it, of course, listening respectfully from a distance).
  • Sharing our personal stories thoughtfully, honestly, and respectfully is a good thing.


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