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What is the meaning of respectfulness in Hindi?

Meaning of respectfulness in Hindi is : सम्मान

Definition of word respectfulness

  • The characteristic of being respectful. (noun)

Examples of word respectfulness

  • These do-nothing liars should be tuned out and voted out of office so we can move forward with unity and real American values of caring for each other, compassion, support of the diversity of our country, and educated and honorable People who believe in honesty, morality, ethics and respectfulness.
  • Should we be assessing values, discipline, respectfulness and good citizenship more?
  • What is needed is an authentic alignment to universal principles such as respectfulness, freedom, equality, self-esteem, serving.
  • Witness the fall from respectfulness of one John McCain who so easily says he never though of himself as a "Maverick" although there are endless tapes of him saying just that. liars
  • Not much literally happens in Andrew (A to Z), for reasons Andrew himself ponders near the end of the novel: My aversion to conflict and and the respectfulness with which I indulge that aversion makes me inherently undramatizable.


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