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What is the meaning of responsive in Hindi?

Meaning of responsive in Hindi is : सहानुभूति का

Definition of word responsive

  • Answering, replying or responding. (adjective)
  • Able to receive and respond to external stimuli. (adjective)
  • Using antiphons; antiphonal. (adjective)
  • Susceptible to the feelings of others. (adjective)
  • Suited to something else; correspondent. (adjective)
  • responsible (adjective)

Examples of word responsive

  • The term responsive community is used to accord full status both to individuals and to their shared union.
  • "Now, this is what I call responsive mozzarella," Dug remarked, dangling his slice by a stretching string of cheese and bouncing it like a yo-yo.
  • He had set up what he called a responsive emulation.
  • Hadjigeorgiou, M. and Papapavlou, A. (2005) Approaches to multiculturalism: How responsive is the educational system of Cyprus to new challenges?
  • And the payment system would not be set by fiat; it would remain responsive to treatment breakthroughs and changes in consumer demand.


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