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What is the meaning of retain in Hindi?

Meaning of retain in Hindi is : स्मृति में रखना

Definition of word retain

Examples of word retain

  • There are a few great product called Retain and Synthrapol that will help set the dye in the fabric and keep it from bleeding.
  • Read More U.S. Stocks Retain Positive Feeling Recalibration Brings Cuts to 37 Banks "Although S&P began warning the markets more than a year ago that it was revising its ratings, the announcement comes at a time when the markets for bank debts are fragile," said Stan Shamu, strategist at IG Markets in Melbourne.
  • Retain the option to withdraw from a contract early if dissatisfied with service or its effects.
  • Retain complete public control over all transportation policy decisions.
  • Retain the records and receipts for your tax return for a minimum of three years the period in which the IRS usually has to audit a return.


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