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What is the meaning of reverential in Hindi?

Meaning of reverential in Hindi is : सम्मानपूर्ण

Definition of word reverential

  • In a reverent manner, honoring, respectful. (adjective)

Examples of word reverential

  • A great deal of the running time is devoted to recalling the life and death of Kolski (his widow, brother, and playwright Israel Horovitz speak about the man in reverential tones), but the true story here is Samuel Yates, who came up with the bizarre notion of mixing paint and human ash.
  • He stood in reverential awe of himself; he had performed a miraculous feat.
  • God is about to argue the case; therefore let the nations listen in reverential silence.
  • She has long been in reverential communion with the spirits of these great authors and it is no wonder that she comes forth redolent in some degree of the grace and dignity which characterize their deportment.
  • "Never before have I been listened to with such attention and understanding," Messiaen later said, recalling the reverential reaction of the mixed audience of farmers and intellectuals, factory workers and priests.


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