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What is the meaning of reverse in Hindi?

Meaning of reverse in Hindi is : स्थानान्तरण करना

Definition of word reverse

  • to be in the non-default position; to be set for the lesser-used route. (adjective)
  • To turn something around such that it faces in the opposite direction. (verb)
  • To turn something inside out or upside down. (verb)
  • To transpose the positions of two things. (verb)
  • To return, come back. (verb)
  • To revoke a law, or to change a decision into its opposite. (verb)
  • To cause a mechanism or a vehicle to operate or move in the opposite direction. (verb)
  • To change the direction of a reaction such that the products become the reactants and vice-versa. (verb)
  • To place a set of points in the reverse position (verb)
  • to move from the normal position to the reverse position (verb)

Examples of word reverse

  • $this-orig = false; function & reverse () $reverse = new diff_op_delete ($this-final); return $reverse;
  • $this-final = false; function & reverse () $reverse = new diff_op_add ($this - orig); return $reverse;
  • $this-final = $final; function & reverse () $reverse = new diff_op_change ($this - final, $this-orig); return $reverse;
  • $this-final = $final; function & reverse () $reverse = new diff_op_copy ($this - final, $this-orig); return $reverse;
  • Does anyone else think the war footage in reverse is a direct homage to Kubrick's Paths of Glory?


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