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What is the meaning of revoke in Hindi?

Meaning of revoke in Hindi is : विखण्डन करना

Definition of word revoke

  • To cancel or invalidate by withdrawing or reversing (verb)
  • To fail to follow suit in a game of cards when holding a card in that suit. (verb)
  • The act of revoking in a game of cards. (noun)
  • A renege; a violation of important rules regarding the play of tricks in trick-taking card games serious enough to render the round invalid. (noun)
  • A violation ranked in seriousness somewhat below overt cheating, with the status of a more minor offense only because, when it happens, it is usually accidental. (noun)

Examples of word revoke

  • The word revoke has appeared in 97 New York Times articles in the past year, including on April 7 in Housing Authority, Facing
  • I call a revoke, Dal; you trumped spades on the second round. "
  • The penalty for the revoke is the most severe in Auction, many think it unreasonably so, and a player is unquestionably entitled to every protection the law affords him.
  • After this remark by the Dummy, the Declarer claims a revoke, the claim is disputed upon the ground that the Dummy called the revoke to the attention of the Declarer.
  • A revoke occurs when a player, other than dummy, holding one or more cards of the suit led, plays a card of a different suit.


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