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What is the meaning of rifling in Hindi?

Meaning of rifling in Hindi is :

Definition of word rifling

  • The act or process of making the grooves in a rifled cannon or gun barrel. (noun)
  • The system of grooves in a rifled gun barrel or cannon. Shunt rifling, rifling for cannon, in which one side of the groove is made deeper than the other, to facilitate loading with shot having projections which enter by the deeper part of the grooves. (noun)
  • Present participle of rifle. (verb)

Examples of word rifling

  • This stupid practice of Reloaders believing to seat the bullet until it barely touches the rifling is the best way to blow your head off!
  • In theory it keeps your shots more consistent because the amount of force it takes to launch the bullet into the rifling is uniform from shot-to-shot.
  • The rifling is scorched about a third of the way up the barrel.
  • Twenty-caliber cartridges are not a new idea but have not been a popular one because of the difficulty in rifling bores that small and making good bullets to fit them.
  • When you get a tube smoking hot and keep it that way, its rifling is going to erode.


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