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What is the meaning of ripe in Hindi?

Meaning of ripe in Hindi is : सिद्ध

Definition of word ripe

Examples of word ripe

  • I call Ripe pioneers who set out in a new direction "Pathfinders."
  • In August, a 96-page report by Human Rights Watch titled "Ripe with Abuse: Human Rights Conditions in South Africa's Fruit and Wine Industries," detailed the appalling working and housing conditions on some of the farms in the Cape.
  • In a report entitled Ripe With Abuse, the group claims that strict work regulations within South African law are not being enforced and some of the staff on wine and fruit farms are treated little better than slaves.
  • A similar product called Ripe Sense is already on the Australian market and was called one of the 36 greatest inventions of 2004 by Time magazine.
  • A design concept called Ripe Radish makes a glowing vegetable common though.


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