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What is the meaning of river in Hindi?

Meaning of river in Hindi is : सविता

Definition of word river

Examples of word river

  • A long and swelling and suspension pedestal bridge was temporarily arranged over the river which was most dangerous and a student also had died when he was trying to cross the River.
  • TR, the indefatigable adventurist abandoned a much less risky river trip to investigate a previously unexplored river, known simply as the River of Doubt.
  • Now she runs like a river, but River can never be free.
  • Beyond the long marshy delta and saline meadows of the Tes river to the east, which are bordered by the Ubsu-Nur, Oroku-Shinaa and Tes River reserves, is a rolling plain with sculptured granite inselbergs.
  • But to give you an idea of what this quake like is all about, there's been a massive landslide that's come down here, and it has cut across this river, the Charping (ph) River.


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