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What is the meaning of roadie in Hindi?

Meaning of roadie in Hindi is : सितारा मछली

Definition of word roadie

  • A biker. (noun)
  • One of the crew for a musical group or other travelling stage production, especially a stagehand or technician. (noun)
  • A beer for the ride, for consumption while one is driving; a road soda. (noun)

Examples of word roadie

  • 16 Comments: dz said ... dont tell me you plan to join asiaworks!!! come back sharon come back! btw - roadie is waiting for your call.
  • One of the most illuminating books for me was Conversations about a Novel by John Steinbeck which was bought for me in the early 70’s by a roadie from a band of mine and was a book of letters Steinbeck wrote to his publisher every morning before commencing his work on East of
  • When you emerge from the tunnel, turn left and walk up the Argyle St.irs to the Glenmore, a pub at the corner of 96 Cumberland St. Its rooftop bar, with views of the Opera House and Sydney Harbour, is the perfect place for a nightcap (otherwise known as a roadie).
  • Sall, gin he dinna mak a roadie for himsel 'through the field that year.
  • "For many, and especially for young people, being a roadie is their dream, and it's great that we can give the winners the opportunity to gain some first-hand experience in this area after some intensive training."


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